Best 10 business ideas in Nepal

Best Business ideas in Nepal

1.Barber shop

Barber shop is small scale business that requires low startup capital. Any people can easily start barber shop in Nepal. All you are training which is not so difficult, tools and small shop. It will be profitable is your service is good and your cutting skills is nice.


Restaurants is yet another thriving small business idea. An entrepreneur can easily lunch Restaurants in Nepal. This type of business will be effective in the city areas. Main thing is that if you choose good location then you will no need to struggle to attract customers.

3.Travel agency

Another business for Nepal is travel agency or tourist guide. Nepal is very beautiful in term of geographical diversity and cultural variety. Based on this many tourist visit Nepal. If we can manage to fulfill their needs and helps them to explore easily it will be profitable. This is perfect type of business for youngsters and the start up capital is also less.

4.Web designing & Hosting

In this days almost, every business and institution create web pages. Web designing, and hosting is one of the most emerging business in Nepal. This business gives very good profit in long run. With new companies starting every day with e-commerce and e-business which is the future., web designing, and hosting can be profitable in long run.

5. Event photographer

Event photographer is also one of the emerging business in Nepal. Event photographers can earn the amount of money in just one which is earned in one month by normal people. People are ready to spend lots of money to keep their memory last long. This type of business doesn’t need every day participation, you can work only few days also.

6.Mobile shop

Mobile shop is also one of the growing business scope in Nepal. With more people moving towards the modernization and the use of mobile phones. We can sell mobile phones and accessories at the profitable margin.

7.Vegetables Farming

Vegetable farming is also one of the emerging business in Nepal. People are more concerned about their health, so they like to eat healthy vegetables. If You can make the healthy vegetables, then that can be profitable.

8.Indoor gaming clubs

Everybody likes games. Especially young teen people are very excited about the games. Now in city areas there are no open place where children can play. Opening indoor gaming clubs like Futsal, Pool House, etc. can be profitable if the location is good.

9.Tuition center

Literacy level has increased very much in our country. Every people are looking forward to being well educated in all aspects of academics. English language tuition is popular nowadays. Tuitions for the Hard subjects of +2 level, SEE and Bachelor level is very effective.

10.Fitness club

Now people are more concerned about their health and the fitness, so the potential market of yoga and gyms are increasing. You need a passionate and qualified trainer. Although equipment for gyms are expensive so you can start which limited equipment or you can open classes like Zumba, which doesn’t need that much of equipment.


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