Messi vs Ronaldo

messi vs ronaldo

Messi vs Ronaldo is the biggest question of the sport world today.Messi and Ronaldo are two best player of today’s generation. The Messi Ronaldo rivalry is the football rivalry between Argentinian forward Lional Messi and Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo. They have both won Ballon d’Or/FIFA Ballon d’Or award five five times, so they are regarded not only as the best player of today’s generation but also the best player of all the time.

There is the great question among the people who is great Messi or Ronaldo.  Both players have regularly broken the 50 goals barrier in a single season and have scored over 600 goals each in their careers for club and country. There are many records by these two great players which can’t be break by other players easily. Messi is 31 years old and Ronaldo is 33 years old in 2018  FIFA World Cup, which can be the last World cup for both players. It is very sad news for their fan because they both have not won FIFA World Cup.


All together Messi has scored 537 goals in 551 appearances in which 65 goals are for national teams in 128 Caps. Ronaldo has scored 535 goals all together in 483 appearances in which 85 goals are for national team in 154 Caps. Messi has scored 329 goals in

Laliga in 309 appearances. Ronaldo has scored 311 goals in laliga in 292 appearances. Messi has scored 83 goals in Champions League in 92 appearances where as Ronlado has scored 105 goals in Champions League in 101 appearances.

In total Messi had got 88 penalties from which he can only transfer 71 into the goal whereas Ronaldo had got 111 penalties and from which he can only transfer 93 into goals. Both player have never won the FIFA World cup but Ronaldo has managed to win the Euro Cup 2016.

                                      Messi                                                                                   Ronaldo

messi vs ronaldo stat

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