PUBG tips and tricks to win chicken dinner every time

PUBG tips and tricks to win chicken dinner every time:

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Choose best place to land

It is always good to land on high density loot locations so that you can be geared up much more quicker and easier. Look out for the enemies going to same area and keep away from those zones at all costs. Likewise, don’t simply without aim drift once you’re in freefall—pinpoint a secure enough space, ideally with buildings thus you’ll grab some loot, and rush along to hurry your manner there. Buildings can show up as white blocks on the mini map, thus make certain you’re heading within the right direction. Spend less time in sky so that you can loot fast.

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Find a gun immediately and gear up quickly

You should gear up quickly and make sure that you pick up very first gun that you come across whether its pistol, shotgun or crossbow it doesn’t matter, a gun is much better than having fists when you come across your first enemy especially if it’s an unexpected first encounter and after finding better guns then ditch that guns. The most important thing is that you need to be super efficient while carrying the loots you should only take what you need.

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Hide and peek

PUBG recreations quite often end with a small gathering of contenders lying around on the floor trusting another person pops their head up first. That individual typically gets domed promptly, coincidentally, so ensure it isn’t you.Going completely inclined in PUBG is an imperative move, to such an extent that it has its own particular devoted catch. It’s likewise a twofold edged sword; in any case, as while you’ll get a pleasant backlash and exactness help and for the most part be somewhat more shrouded, versatility is nearly non-existent.On the off chance that somebody approaches you from behind while you’re on your chest; you’re certainly going to wind up dead—particularly in case you’re glancing through an extension in the meantime. Watch out for smaller usual ground and the surroundings before hitting the floor, and don’t be hesitant to flank your rivals when they’re resting.

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 Try to be difficult target:

When you are out always move if you are in line of sight from any where you can be potionally shot make sure that you are moving target and not a duck for players who like to snap from long distance. Furthermore, when you are looting or in the process of applying a bandage, always make slight movements by couching constantly. This will make you a harder target to hit.

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Only shoot when you are in range

While knowing when you’re in range will take some training for finish newcomers, in the event that you have any involvement with PvP shooters you’ll as of now have a reasonable comprehension of the essentials.  Shotguns (particularly the wonderful S12K) and SMGs are helpful for very close burst harm, ambush rifles and guns are useful for mid-extend battles, and expert rifleman rifles are ideal for long separation pot shots.

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Some tips:
  • Always sit tight for the ideal shot. Regardless of whether it is a sniper rifle you have prepared or a shotgun, don’t go hard and fast. Sit tight for the ideal minute where you are certain you will arrive a shot.

  • Shotguns and SMGs are valuable for very close burst harm, rifles and guns are useful for mid-go battles, and rifles are ideal for long distance pot shots.

  • You should play smart. Don’t hurrying into fight. Hold your ground and search for the ideal play which could some of the time mean fleeing from battles. As killing is just a piece of the amusement, surviving is the thing that you should center around. In other words, take battle which you know you will surely win.

  • Boots are good for protection of your feet, they create extra noise. So, if you wish to adopt a more stealth approach, I will advise you to play the game barefoot.

  • Seeking shelter is imperative. At whatever point you are gotten in an open field, dependably search for cover as opposed to taking the battle head on. This is on account of your odds of winning the battle in an open situation are very thin as it can pull in undesirable consideration from other close-by players.

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