Reasons behind Ronaldo leaving Real madrid

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1) Promise of a new contract not kept

One of the main reasons for leaving Real because he was growing unhappy at the Santiago Bernabeu. The truth is that Perez did not keep his promise to offer him a new contract. Every player has desire to earn money like Neymar who earns €36 million and Lionel Messi €46 million annually. Perez had promised him a new dealMafter the 2017 Champions League final, but the club opted against it due to his disappointing form in the early stages of the 2017/18 season.

2) Real already focused on his apparent

Los Blancos had already begun to search for the replacement for Ronaldo and have apparently earmarked Neymar for the role. Early reports suggest that the Spanish veterans wanted to sign them after the 2018/19 campaign. However, Ronaldo is unhappy in the club so they are ready to pay a big salary to Neymar, while they seem resistant to give whatever they want, and feel that after winning the four Champions League titles in five years Are eligible.

3) No public backing by the club

Ronaldo believes that when the club passes through dried time, the club should stand with it. Only the coach Zinedine Zidine supported him when he was sent off from the Spanish Super Cup 2017/18 campaign. According to Marca, he feels insecure, and is upset that if he goes few games without scoring then fans used to whistled at him.

4) His tax issues

He was really suffered with the ongoing tax issues in Spain was also the reason behind the Ronaldo’s leave.Although he has agreed to pay € 18.8 million fine and accepted the punishment of 24 Months suspended prison. However, if he is found guilty of any other crime in Spain, he could actually go to jail.

5) Lack of backing in tax case

In the case of tax, he also felt that the club could give him more support, such as FC Barcelona’s support for Messi’s tax fraud. With the introduction of Rolando’s case in May 2016, Los Blancos published a message of support three weeks later, but there has been no public support at all.


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