Top 10 dating spots in Kathmandu valley

Top 10 dating spots in Kathmandu valley:
1. Godawari

The botanical garden is located in the lalitpur dustrict, 11 km east of lalitpur’s lagankhel. It is in the base of Phulchoki. The total area of the garden is 82 hectares which is surrounded by evergreen natural forests and habitats of more than 500 ddifferent species plants.It is best to go in woorking days to enjoy the sun and have pleasure time, as on public holidays it is popular picnicking location. Small entry fee is charged. the gardens are open from 9 am to 5pm during springs, Summer, and Autumn and 10 am to 4 om during winter months.

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2. White Ghumba

white Ghuhmba also Druk Amitabh Mountain is located at the top of Kathmandu. it is located in the Nagarjun Municipality of Kathmandu, north of Swayambhu. It s the best place to get refreshment. You can enjoy the beautiful arts of Buddhist monastery. There is no route for the public vehicle up to there if you have your own then there is no problem but if you don’t have then you have to walk up to there.

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3. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is one of the best destinations for couples. It is located in the Bhaktapur district which is 32 km northeast of Kathmandu. It is best for one night stay. You can observe the Arial view of Kathmandu valley and sun rise from there.You need to walk for a while to reach the picnic spot after reaching Nagarkot bus park. If you have your own vehicle then there is no problem.

4. Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu. It is located in the south west of Kathmandu valley. It is 2551 meters high from sea level so we can see the beautiful Himalayas and view of whole Kathmandu valley. You can also enjoy the cable car. It is also best for married couple and the couples who have child, as there are play zones for children.

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5. Garden of dreams

The Garden of Dreams which is also known as Garden of Six seasons, is a neo-classical garden which was built in 1920. It is located in Kaiser Mahal Kathmandu. It was designed by Kishore Narshingh. Garden of dreams is one of the best dating soot in Kathmandu.

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6. Sanga Bhaktapur

It is also one of the best destination in Kathmandu valley. it is located in the border of the Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchwok districts. This place is famous for the tallest Shiv statue in the world. We can also get pickels(pauu) of different verities.

Sanga Mahadev Statue - Best Dating Spot in Kathmandu

7. Tribhuvan park

This park has been created in the remember of late king Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shaha Dev.This park is located at Thankot. This place specially for picnics but youngster and lovebirds also love to come due to the beautiful gardens and beautiful view of the mountains.

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8.Manjushree park

It is one of the popular dating spot in Kathmandu. it has one of the longest caves in the southeast Asia. Cottages and Shades are available there so that couples can spend the quality time.



9. Taudaha

Taudaha is a small lake located 6 km away from central Kathmandu. It is also getting popular for dating spot nowadays.There are many types of fish in there and This place is also famous for bird watching because many migrated birds are seen over here. Small entry fee is charged.

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10. Bojinee dam

It is one of the under rated place in Kathmandu but one of the best destinations for couples which is in Nagarkot. There is beautiful dam which is covered by forest in all side which makes the date more romantic.

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